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Expanding the possibilities of data and technology, now and for generations to come with data-centric, secure & decarbonized Microsoft solutions


Eviden is a €5 billion revenue business that combines leading Digital, Cloud, Big Data, and Security solutions with our unique data and technology capabilities and world-class talents.   
We are a Microsoft GSI partner, Azure Expert MSP, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association member, and a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner with all six Solution Partner Designations in Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program supported by multiple Microsoft Specializations. 

Eviden has embarked with Microsoft to provide industry solutions and accelerators across Manufacturing, Financial Services & Insurance, Public Sector, Telecom, Media & Technology, Resource & Services, and Healthcare & Life Sciences. 

Eviden is a sustainability pioneer committed to helping organizations reduce their IT carbon footprint by providing secure, decarbonized, and sustainable cloud computing solutions to achieve the NetZero goals of our clients. 


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Why Eviden & Microsoft

Eviden is a Microsoft GSI partner, an Azure Expert MSP, a Microsoft Intelligent Security Association member, and a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner with all six Solution Partner Designations in Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program supported by multiple Microsoft Specializations.


Partnership & Capabilities 


Global Systems Integrator 


MSP Expert 

25 Specializations Across:

Azure | Business Applications | Security


Cloud & Application Experts across GDCs


Microsoft Highest Designations 

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Microsoft Solution Partner Designations 

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A Microsoft Partner for 20+ years, Eviden is a trusted Global Systems Integrator with deep industry, legacy infrastructure, and application expertise to successfully deliver secure, risk-averse, customized, and innovative cloud-first solutions.

With Eviden and Microsoft, our solutions cover migration, application innovation, security & collaboration for your seamless transformation.

Data-Centric, Secure & Decarbonized Digital Solutions 

Leading with DataAIFinOps


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Platform Advisory & Landing Zone​
Cloud Migration ​
SAP on Azure​
Azure Managed Ops

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Application Innovation


Cloud Native Development​
Business Applications​ - Low code
Data Analytics & AI/ML​
OpenShift on Azure​

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Infrastructure, Platform & Data
Defend Against Threats
Governance & Risk Analytics
Privacy / Zero Trust

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Modernize with M365


Discover the power of Generative AI

Eviden is leading the way with technology that is transforming businesses

Gain insights on how it can benefit your business and generate new data with Microsoft's Generative AI features and capabilities.​

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Eviden SAP on Microsoft Azure


Expand your horizons with insights-led, secure transformation


With Eviden and Microsoft Azure SAP Cloud Services, you can accelerate long-term major growth. Our fully integrated platform will future-proof your transformation, optimizing operations and insights, and ensure you remain as safe in the cloud as you have been on-premise.


Our Microsoft Differentiators

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Global leader in cloud 

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35 Global/Regional ​Delivery Centers​ in 24x7​
30+ languages supported across 50+ countries​

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#1 ​in managed security services worldwide​

Momentum_active global customers.png

178+ Active ​Global customers for Microsoft services​

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33,000+ ​Application Experts transformed/managed over 25,000+ applications in 2022​

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600+​ Software Lifecycle Management, FinOps Services, Technology Managed Customers​

Momentum_7000+ azure certifications.png

7000+ ​Azure certifications​

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4 Cloud AI / ML Customer Labs across the world​

Eviden IP & Value Differentiators


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Power Platform Governance Tool​

Provides governance, administration, and training capabilities for your power platform setup with an intuitive user interface

Momentum_migraation factory.png

Migration Factory

Autorun Migration console, Automated User notification/Error identification/Alerts/User Analysis, Workflow Automation, Dashboards, etc.

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Crisis Management Tool


Provides real-time monitoring and triggers pre-defined corrective measures to maintain business continuity



Azure Extensions for Dynamics CRM

helps to implement smart solutions when it comes to Data integrations, API management & Data backup​

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Zero To Cloud

Exclusive 3-step Cloudamize program offers to ​help customers quickly address concerns and gain confidence with Speed, Simplicity & Sustainability


DevOps for Microsoft 365


provides a consolidated platform for implementation, service management and Administration for ​Microsoft 365 products


Microsoft Content Hub

Explore Eviden & Microsoft client success stories, videos, and thought leadership content
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Our Leadership Team



Nitin Icchpunani

Global Microsoft Business Group Head


Ram Subramanya

Global Microsoft Practice Head

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Christine Linde

Global Marketing Director

Regional Leadership Team



Thomas Norton

Microsoft Business Group Lead - Americas

Momentum_Daniel Batts.jpeg

Daniel Batts

Microsoft Business Group Lead – NEAP

Momentum_Yves Peneveyre.jpeg

Yves Peneveyre

Microsoft Business Group Lead – CE



Philippe Holland

Microsoft Business Group Lead – Southern Europe

Momentum_Roberto Fernandez Garcia.jpeg

Roberto Fernandez Garcia

Microsoft Business Group Lead – Spain



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