The cloud's technical advancement since the mid-2000s has disrupted the tech world and the entire value chain. Modernizing applications and data solutions is crucial for staying competitive in today's digital landscape. In this blog, we will discuss how Eviden is helping customers with application modernization, aligning governance and strategy, and paving the path to greater efficiency, scalability, and success. 

Migration to the cloud is just the beginning

The cloud is not a magic bullet that solves all problems and may introduce new challenges like cost containment, regulatory compliance, and skill gaps. A Forrester study showed that 80% of companies that migrated to the cloud regretted the decision. However, access to innovation provided by the cloud outweighs the practicality of on-prem data centers. Although cost savings may be attainable, cloud characteristics favor innovation over cost reduction.

Ways to save money on cloud through modernization

Excess cloud spending often results from overprovisioning, incorrect storage selection, data egress, and legacy applications not rewritten with cloud-native architecture. Lift and shifts may be quick and cheap, but without proper scaling, performance can suffer. Rearchitecting with cloud-native patterns for optimal performance and cost is the solution. According to a HashCorp-Forrester survey, 66% of respondents overpay due to underutilized resources, and 49% cite a lack of skills. 

There are several ways to save money by modernization: 

  1. Use open-source technology – Refactor from Oracle or Microsoft SQL to PostgreSQL or MySQL database engine; Rewrite Windows .NET based applications to Linux, for example
  2. License optimization – If you must use commercial software for certain features, you can consider different versions. For example, switch from Enterprise Edition to Standard or Free Edition according to administrative roles.
  3. Instant right-sizing – Monitor and collect utilization data over a period to determine whether a more economical instance can be used. Understand the compute, memory, storage, or GPU-optimized instance type tradeoffs.
  4. Use cloud-native services like serverless, containers, API-driven design, caching, storage tiering, savings plans, etc.  
  5. Use automation tooling – infrastructure as code, auto-scaling, CI/CD management, etc.  
  6. Move to fully managed services– Less overhead on manual processes.  

Cloud is a great option for most applications, especially those with a growing user base and fluctuating consumption. However, there are some cases where keeping the application on-prem makes sense, such as mature and predictable applications, sunsetting applications, and data sovereignty, keep in mind that cost reduction should not be the only goal for cloud migration, as it can also provide higher performance, access to innovation, and meet complex security requirements.

How did Eviden help save money on Azure?

Eviden helped a customer migrate a large data warehouse of over 200TB of images, PDFs, and documents to Microsoft Azure. They implemented highly available and scalable services on Azure by leveraging Azure Managed services like Azure Function, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Blob Storage for app and storage solutions, MongoDB for metadata, and Power BI for reporting. A hybrid model was deployed to access on-prem and cloud data and storage for optimal data retrieval and transfer. Eviden also helped a global logistics company migrate data from Teradata and Oracle to Azure Data Lake, resulting in a highly scalable, flexible, more secure, and compliant data processing platform.

How Modernization Can Help Meet Regulatory Compliance 

Heavily regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, or the defense sector adopt cloud more carefully and use cloud on a smaller scale. Stipulations set by the governing bodies for these industries restrict them to “fail fast and fail forward.” Their solutions can’t afford to fail. Everything must be proven to work, thoroughly documented, and signed off before being released into production. Any violation can be costly or detrimental. 

How did Eviden help address Compliance on Azure?

Paysafe, a fintech company, turned to Eviden for their application transformation journey on Azure to meet the increasing data privacy requirements and fines for privacy violations. Eviden ensured that crucial security and regulatory standards were met continuously. Azure provides companies like Paysafe with a comprehensive compliance view of all resources, real-time policy enforcement and evaluation, automated remediation of existing resources, and cloud policy management and security at scale. Paysafe has moved SQL databases to Azure, set up an Azure landing zone to empower businesses to develop new products, and uses integrated capabilities to manage compliance and security efficiently. 

Skill Gaps in Cloud Modernization

Cloud migration/modernization requires careful assessment and planning, continuous improvement, and strong governance oversight. To reduce risk, consider working with an experienced system integrator. Invest in training your people to focus on application design & build, delivery, and security, and less on cloud management. Remember, business scenarios are dynamic, so consider cloud as a strategy to future-proof your business succession.

How did Eviden help narrow the skill gaps on Azure?

Eviden helped a county-level healthcare provider modernize its IT environment and embark on a digital transformation journey. The project involved developing a mobile app and cloud platform, digitalizing past records and research data, and providing steady-state support. Eviden's expertise in healthcare mobile experience design, change management, and Microsoft Azure accreditation helped the customer become a competitive player in the industry. 


Application modernization is crucial for businesses in the digital age. Eviden offers innovative solutions to help enterprises overcome legacy system challenges and transition to modern, efficient practices for future growth.  
With Eviden as a trusted partner, businesses can confidently embark on their journey toward modernization, ensuring their continued success in an ever-changing digital landscape. 


Kyle Chang

Senior Product Manager – Cloud Application Development 
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