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At Eviden, we see a future of safe and secure digital stadiums maximizing their revenue potential by unlocking crowd intelligence and leveraging digital solutions.

Thanks to over three decades at the forefront of supporting the world's biggest sports competitions, we know a lot about the opportunity that lies in data. With the right approach and partnership, stadium operators can drive end-to-end value creation right across their grounds – from transportation links through to retail points, and all the way to the edge of the playing field!

This means that fans can enjoy all the excitement that live sports and entertainment have to offer, safer and more comfortable than ever, and fully focused on what matters the most – building unforgettable experiences.

Computer Vision

Managing stadiums and their multiple video feeds can be complex and time-intensive. Computer Vision delivers real-time AI-powered analytics, empowering your teams to enhance productivity and unlock new commercial opportunities.


Fan360 is our AI-driven solution to take fan engagement and experience to the next level. It enables operators to gain relevant insights on their customers and deliver integration and personalization for enhanced business performance and user satisfaction.

Find out more about our range of data-driven solutions, including a variety of use cases to suit every business.

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