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Security Dive program is Eviden's first special cybersecurity graduate program. It was launched in November 2022 in France.

After the great success of this French cohort, the Security Dive program continues this year with a second cohort in Belgium.

Glimpse at the SECURITY DIVE's class of 2022

In the first program edition, Eviden's experts from various cybersecurity domains delivered training sessions to our ''Divers''. And more than 10 experts from our top partners taught and trained them on key cybersecurity topics.

Class of 2024 | Details

Zaventem, Belgium


September 2023

Applications open

November 2023

Applications close

January 2024

Program starts

We want you!

  • You are a recent college graduate majoring in IT or Engineering?
  • You are passionate about security and tech?
  • You want to learn everything there is to know about Cloud Security, Risk Analysis & Compliance, Identity and Access Management?
  • You are polyvalent, dynamic, curious and love working as a team?

If yes, then Security DIVE is the right fit for you! DIVE with us to gain a unique experience of full immersion at the heart of cybersecurity.

Learning from our experts

Our learning method, practical and concrete, will be combined with an immersion within our security labs. In order to better understand the different tasks, local or international, which you will undertake, you will be working not only with our Belgian teams, but also with our teams at international level. Your mentors will be by your side during the entirety of the program.

May your cyber future be glorious

At the end of this ambitious and intensive training program, you will be able to obtain globally-recognized cybersecurity certifications and land a permanent job position at Eviden. All in all you will have a fascinating job, privileged mentorship and a career among the best experts in their domain. It will also allow you to work with big accounts in the public sector, insurance, defense and telecommunication industry, with key cybersecurity challenges to be addressed.

Program details

The SECURITY DIVE training program is designed in three phases, mixing different learning formats: instructor-led sessions, self-paced courses, hands-on exercises and more.

10 weeks | Cybersecurity fundamentals

First, we focus on cybersecurity fundamentals and enable you to find your way in our organization. Among the key topics to be covered: Network, Architecture, Security and much more. Labs and experts’ sessions will be combined.

1 week | International cyberweek

DIVE into the world of cybersecurity in our international Security Center of Excellence.

8 weeks | Specialization

In the third and last phase. you will select one cyber specialization, and will be working with a highly qualified team, expert in their domain. You will have then the possibility to enhance your skills by passing several certifications related to the chosen specialization. 


The exclusive benefits of the program

Hands-on training

Go from theory to practice with labs, shadowing and progressive onboarding onto your future team.

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Close mentorship

Along all the training program, you will have a mentor - from the Eviden cybersecurity experts - to support and coach you.


You will have the opportunity to take globally recognized certifications in cybersecurity, specific to the specialization you will choose.

ISO 27001 | Cloud | IAM | +

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Momentum_Security Dive job position.jpg

Permanent job position

You will be offered a permanent contract with Eviden from Day-1 of the training program, and with progressive salary increase.


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Consultant

Are you interested in designing, setting-up and embedding security related processes? If yes, you can now become part of our operational missions focusing on risk assessment, compliance, incident management, awareness and governance.

Main tasks as GRC Consultant

  • Performing risk analysis missions (e.g. EBIOS RM methodology);
  • Performing missions of implementation of crisis management plans and crisis exercises;
  • Performing CISO assistance missions (assistance to CISO or external CISO);
  • Enforcement of regulatory requirements (e.g. GDPR, NIS);
  • Performing missions of assistance in obtaining certifications (e.g. ISO 27001).

Identity & Access Management (IAM) Engineer

Do you have a strong appetite for being operational, working closely with customers to address their cyber requirements? If you are interested in proposing and delivering IAM solutions, this career path would be the right one for you.


Main tasks as IAM Engineer

  • Providing creative solutions to resolve business problems, technology issues, process through Identity Management;
  • Addressing a cyber solution to meet challenging customer requirements;
  • Creating proof of concept designs and responses to technical and business enquiries, with IAM, multi-factor authentication (MFA) or Privileged Access Management (PAM);
  • Attending functional workshops to elaborate a design based on the application functionalities and customer requirements.

Technical Security Engineer

Do you enjoy technical cyber challenges, learning to fight increasing threats, and want to explore the cloud security? If you are passionate about being involved in the technical aspects of cybersecurity, this job would be the perfect fit for you.

Main tasks as Technical Security Engineer

  • Participating in the local implementation and delivery activities of cyber security services;
  • Participating in the security-specific aspects of cloud transition projects;
  • Participating in technical security architecture assessments and advice missions;
  • Participating in technical security aspects of RFP tracks.

Spotlight on our partners

Joining forces to better close the skills gap

Cybersecurity peaks when we join forces... and the Security Dive program is no exception.


Contact us

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