Join us in delving into the year 2023 and beyond!

Exascale has reached a pivotal juncture for field deployment, while HPC-as-a-service continues its ascent to new heights. Furthermore, the interconnect landscape is being redefined with the advent of UEC (Ultra-Ethernet Consortium). And let's not overlook the rising star—ChatGPT!

Let's explore the dynamic landscape and opportunities that lie ahead...

  • New milestones from any scale to Exascale hybrid computing

  • Enabling alternative HPC networking solutions 

  • Continuing our strides in optimizing energy-efficiency

  • Field-proven experience in application optimization

  • As-a-service advancements with maximum flexibility 


Join our Exibitor Forum:

Ethernet-based interconnect, the critical crossroads for HPC & AI networking at scale (exforum112s1) 

Date: Wednesday, November 15 
Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm MT 
Venue: Room 503-504, Colorado Convention Center